Recycling Process

recycling process

All e-waste that enters our building is first recorded into our database by manufacturer, model number, serial number, and location the unit came from. The system then issues a lot #, which the unit(s) will be tracked by for the remainder of the process. Our computerized database allows us to provide our customers with certified asset management and data destruction while guaranteeing environmental compliance with local, state and Federal laws though our exceptional reporting capabilities.

After each unit is recorded into our database, any asset tags/labels are removed before continuing to the next stage of de-manufacturing. At this point a technician carefully removes any outer shell or packaging and places it in a corresponding storage unit that is identified by the material type.

As the unit continues though the de-manufacturing process, all components are removed and sorted by material type (plastic, glass, metal, etc.). The materials are recorded into our inventory system, then shipped to recyclers that specialize in turning recycled materials back into raw materials. The raw materials are then sent to companies for use in manufacturing new products.

The result is a closed loop process that diverts recyclable materials from entering any landfills and reduces our impact on the environment.

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About Electronix Redux Corp.

Electronix Redux Corp. helps companies, government entities and consumers recycle their electronic waste. We advise business on the best way to become data-safe compliant, and how to implement data destruction regulations. We facilitate all forms of electronic recycling, specialize in volume hard drive wipes, hard drive destruction, facilitation of computer recycling and ensure data security during the e-waste recycling process.