Destruction Process

Our process is certified, secure, reliable, and safe. We begin with a chain-of-custody process to transfer liability and ownership from customer to Electronix RèDux Corp. This documentation is your assurance that Electronix Redux takes full responsibility for wiping your hard drive of personal data, corporate data, or any media needing secure destruction. Customers receive a certificate of data destruction, and certificate of recycling once the process is complete. Our data destruction process has been successfully deployed for Fortune 1000 clients, local businesses and consumers. We work with each customer to identify a data destruction plan that fits your need and budget without compromising risk. Our process and equipment has been approved and certified for the use and destruction of confidential information by the NSA/CSS (National Security Agency/Central Security Service) and the DoD (Department of Defense).

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Data Removal Process Summary:


Our expert technicians will remove the hard drive or specific storage media to be destroyed. The removal process allows for non storage related items (plastics, metals, etc) to be separated into component parts for efficient recycling.

Shredding / Disintegration

The hard drive itself, or media, is processed using advanced equipment, ensuring complete destruction, and eliminating the possibility of the hard drive being lost, stolen, or winding up in the wrong hands. The process actually reduces the media to particles, fragments, or small parts rendering the media object virtually unrecognizable.


Degausing is an industrial strength magnetic process applied to hard drives or magnetic storage devices that ensures all data is completely wiped magnetically. Degausing combined with hard drive shredding is an NSA recommended and foolproof method of completely wiping hard drives and other media storage.


The sanitizing process erases data then records random data over the erased data multiple times in random sequence. This process results in causing the erased data to be unrecognizable and unreadable.

Our staff will help you choose which of our processes match your needs. Call today to discuss how best to keep your data safe, how to avoid identity theft, and how to best manage your data erasure options.

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About Electronix Redux Corp.

Electronix Redux Corp. helps companies, government entities and consumers recycle their electronic waste. We advise business on the best way to become data-safe compliant, and how to implement data destruction regulations. We facilitate all forms of electronic recycling, specialize in volume hard drive wipes, hard drive destruction, facilitation of computer recycling and ensure data security during the e-waste recycling process.