Customer Stories

Our core value is to understand the individual needs of our customers and provide e-waste, data destruction, and asset repurposing solutions to fit the individual needs of the customer. We’d like to hear your story, and provide a solution. Here are some customers we’ve helped:

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When America’s largest real-time healthcare communications network needed a last minute solution to a corporate office move; Electronix Redux was able to provide a solution. Often times when businesses move they overlook disposition requirements of the outgoing lease. One of the most overlooked items is hard-wired network infrastructure, like voice and data lines, or even removal of a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system and their hazardous lead-acid batteries. Because we retain a licensed electrician on staff, Electronix Redux was able to provide a complete moving solution for Navinet, including disconnecting and safening-off cubicle power feeds, UPS disconnect and removal, existing network infrastructure disconnect and removal, phone system disconnect, removal and disposal, and data destruction on over 400 hard drives and data tapes. The project scope was handled by one vendor saving time, money, and possible lease holder penalties.

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When the NSA – (National Security Agency) suddenly stopped accepting media for destruction from Government entities because of budget cuts and staffing, the US Airforce began an evaluation process to outsource their data destruction, and chose veteran owned Electonics Redux. Over a two day period Electronix Redux handled an on-site data destruction project processing unclassified, classified and secret level media including: CDs, DVDs, hard drives, data tape, circuit boards, PDAs, cell phones, flash memory sticks and more. Knowledge and experience of the Governments requirements and procedures (National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual NISPOM) for information security and destruction specifications (NSA Storage Device Declassification Manual 09-12) allowed Electronix Redux to fulfill the Airforce’s needs.

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About Electronix Redux Corp.

Electronix Redux Corp. helps companies, government entities and consumers recycle their electronic waste. We advise business on the best way to become data-safe compliant, and how to implement data destruction regulations. We facilitate all forms of electronic recycling, specialize in volume hard drive wipes, hard drive destruction, facilitation of computer recycling and ensure data security during the e-waste recycling process.